What's New? August 2023

What's New? August 2023

1st August 2023

Today, we're delighted to unveil a host of exciting new features that our development team has been working on throughout the summer. It has been a season of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, and we are thrilled to share some fantastic updates our merchants will benefit from.

Let's dive in...

What's New? August 2023

๐Ÿ“น Videos can now be used on products

With this latest feature, merchants can now integrate captivating videos into your product listings. By providing a more immersive and detailed view of the product, we aim to boost conversions and inspire more confident purchasing decisions.



๐Ÿงพ VAT number on order emails

We are delighted to introduce a highly requested feature that allows you now have the option to include a business VAT number in the customer order emails, making your order communication more comprehensive and compliant. This means that transaction-related emails like Order Confirmation, Order Accepted / Declined, and other Order status notifications will now display the essential business VAT number for your customers' reference.


๐Ÿ—๏ธ Bug Fixes & Other Updates

We've been making some additional updates that include a range of exciting new features and improvements, all aimed at delivering an even more seamless experience for our valued merchants. Here's are the updates:

  • Coupon Journey Update: Allows merchants to set different percentage or fixed amount values on delivery / collection / tables / rooms / custom places on a single coupon.
  • Stripe Reporting now includes Hungrrr Pay fees: “Received Amount” figure now includes take the Hungrrr Pay Fee into account for calculating the final total.
  • Deliverect Snoozing: A fix has been provided for the snoozing issue (products being available on Hungrrr while being snoozed on Deliverect).



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