Hungrrr pay

Hungrrr pay

The perfect partnership

Hungrrr pay is the perfect partnership between hungrrr and Stripe who are the leading payment gateway provider in the world. Stripe powers millions of businesses from small startups, to global giant such as, Monzo, ASOS and Xero.

We have chosen Stripe based on their excellent technologies, best in class security, speedy onboarding and fast pay-outs.



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Seamless integration

The great news is that through this partnership, we have deeply integrated Stripe into hungrrr to get you setup in minutes. With regular, fast payments ensuring your money reaches you quickly, hungrrr pay takes care of both your web and app transactions, depositing funds straight into your business bank account.

How quickly do I get paid?

As soon as your customer makes an order on either your website or app, your fund are sent straight to your hungrrr pay account. These funds are available to draw down to your bank in 3 days. This means you can effectively draw down funds every day after the first 3 days of being live if you have regular, daily transactions, keeping your business cash flow positive.

What are the charges?

Hungrrr pay is charged at the same rates as Stripe directly which is 1.4% and 20p per transaction. There are no additional fees whatsoever.

Learn more about hungrrr pay

Speak to our team about how you can get started with hungrrr pay.