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Events & stadia

Feature-rich ordering solutions for events & stadia

Hungrrr technology enables you to offer a premium stadium ordering solution, while increasing average order spend and staff efficiency. The app is ideal for football teams, rugby clubs and other sporting teams and venues looking to enhance stadium experience.

With hungrrr's affordable ordering solutions for events and stadia, fans can access your menu with ease. We can provide a web browser service or your own branded app via a unique QR code. Alternatively, we can embed our software into your existing stadium app for your club.

You can exceed your fans’ expectations with our intuitive technology, tried and tested to be scalable from 2,000 to over 50,000 seats. Fans can order food, drink and merchandise from their smartphone throughout the duration of a game, concert or other event, without missing any of the action.


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Live stadia ordering on the app Icon

Live stadia ordering on the app

By offering collection from stand kiosks or direct delivery to seats, you can increase average order value, reduce lengthy queues and encourage spending.

Improve staff efficiency and opportunities to drive sales by fulfilling orders throughout the game, rather than just at kick off and half time.

Customers' payment options include cash, card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Table ordering on the app Icon

Table ordering on the app

If you’re hosting VIPs in an exclusive zone, or holding an event or festival, your customers can also order to their table via the app.

Similarly, if you are running a drive-in event, you can amend this functionality to ‘order-to-car’.

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Pre-ordering on the app Icon

Pre-ordering on the app

When placing an order in advance via the app, fans can choose a specific kiosk in the stand for collection. Visitors can plan ahead, with pre-ordering available up to three days before kick-off, or before a concert or other event. 

Pre-ordering via your mobile menu encourages fans to browse for longer, resulting in higher purchase values. It will also allow spectators to quickly request and pay in advance, reducing queue size and streamlining existing ordering processes.

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Merchandise sales on the app Icon

Merchandise sales on the app

Sell your merchandise the easy way using our app solution for your stadium. Fans can browse and purchase your branded goods at the touch of a button.

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Till system integrations technology on the app Icon

Till system integrations technology on the app

Hungrrr provides you with all of the necessary equipment to manage your website and mobile app. This includes a personalised admin dashboard where you can make changes to your menu, update kiosk opening hours and more. 

We understand that you may already work with a POS provider. We integrate directly with Bleep, Deliverect and various other till systems to ensure a streamlined onboarding and menu changing process for you.

Staying safe via the app Icon

Staying safe via the app

The Covid-19 pandemic has made social distancing and contactless ordering more important than ever before. Your own website or mobile app for your stadium will eliminate the risk of lengthy queues, while increasing order efficiency. It will also allow you to protect fans with safe, contactless ordering and payment.

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Reporting on app sales Icon

Reporting on app sales

Hungrrr’s technology allows you to feed user-generated data into your business via detailed reporting options. This will enable you to leverage purchasing habits for targeted marketing and observe your fan’s purchasing behaviour. 

Hungrrr’s reporting gives you a clear vision of product performance as well as customer behaviour. Real-time analytics provide immediate visibility, with the flexibility to adapt messaging and pricing as required.

This detailed reporting allows you to guarantee a premium experience for sponsors, VIPs, or season ticket holders. Offer them specific promotions or benefits based on their previous or popular orders.

Increase your revenue on the app Icon

Increase your revenue on the app

Highlight promotional items or packages by deploying push notifications via the app, e.g. 'Order in the next 10 minutes for 20% off’. This could be used to encourage purchases mid-match or before event intervals.

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