How BRGR redefined customer loyalty with Hungrrr

How BRGR redefined customer loyalty with Hungrrr

28th March 2023

BRGR key wins

100K additional top-line sales

BRGR's app takes more money than Just Eat across both the units and has added an extra £100k on to the top line sales.

£6 higher average order value

The app has a higher average order value by £6 compared to in-restaurant customers and around 50% of revenue comes from returning customers.

Power of push notifications

BRGR send between 2-3 push notifications to our customers per week and use discount codes to boost business revenue.

BRGR key wins
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Why did BRGR decide to introduce an online ordering system?

"Through the first lockdown, BRGR was one of the only places you could get a burger so introducing our own online ordering system seemed like the next natural step."

Why give 30% of your sales away when we can migrate them on to our own platform?

When lockdown lifted, our restaurants were still seeing an influx of takeaway customers and wanted to give them another way of ordering that was more convenient for them, especially our local customers who now use the app regularly – we have one customer who has ordered at least once a week since we launched and another who has ordered about 4 times per week.

We also spent a lot of time asking “who our customer was.” Our own online ordering system allowed us to do that and communicate with them on our terms."

How do you feel this has impacted your customer’s experience?

"The response to the app has been amazing. Customers can click and collect their orders, benefit from loyalty points and it has allowed us to create a promotional tool that gives our app and online customers first access to any discounts/meal deals and new products we launch.

As a result, we have created an email channel that drives sales weekly to the BRGR app. It’s all about convenience.

People eat with their eyes first, so we spent a lot of time on creating standardised, branded, e-commerce style photography to encourage people to spend more."

What has been the financial benefit since introducing online ordering?

"The BRGR app has higher average order value by around £6 than our restaurant customers and around 50% of our revenue comes from returning customers each month.

We also built the products so the customer would get the same experience as in store – building modifiers so our users could customise their burgers, upselling dips on all items and giving them the ability to add a variety of toppings.

A big selling point is that click & collect customers can purchase the product at the same price as they would in store.

Most days, the BRGR app takes more money than Just Eat across both the units and has added an extra £100k on to the top line sales.

There is still a long way to go to migrate all our customers away from the delivery platforms and on to the app, however, that is the goal!"

What features does your business benefit from most by using Hungrrr’s online ordering system?

"We send between 2-3 push notifications to our customers per week – but in terms of financial benefit we’ve seen the biggest uplift from using discount codes. We also use the geo-fencing tool to send location based tailored push notifications to specific segments of customers."

Has online ordering reduced the reliance on big marketplaces, and how has this benefited your business?

"Up until the end of last year we were unable to offer BRGR Delivery to our customers, which was a big plus from the big three. We have also spent a lot of time positioning the online ordering platform as a click and collect tool, now we have to market another service, which is a whole new challenge.

However, I am hopeful that, with the right marketing in place, we’ll be able to migrate some of those customers away from the big marketplaces and on to our own channel.

With BRGR delivery, we are also able to deliver to a wider segment of people that the big 3 are not."

What would you say to businesses considering using Hungrrr’s online ordering system?

"Absolutely go for it! There is no commission, just a small flat monthly fee per store which you can make back in an afternoon.

The support team are brilliant and no question is a silly question. I probably speak to the team at Hungrrr (especially Steven) more than I do my own family.

You can control your menu, promotions, photography, push notifications in an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you as much or as little information as you need/want.

The Hungrrr platform enhances your ability to communicate with your customers and adds another dimension to your business. I would absolutely recommend using Hungrrr to take the next step."


Interview with Brogan from BRGR on March 2023.


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