Split Printer Functionality - What's new in Hungrrr

Split Printer Functionality - What's new in Hungrrr

25th January 2023

At Hungrrr, we’re big on helping hospitality businesses improve their operational processes and make their ways of working more seamless. This month, we’re proud to announce our new split printer functionality, designed to send food orders to a printer located in the kitchen and drink orders to a printer located at the bar.

split printer functionality for restaurants and bars

Our team has been hard at work and we’re delighted to be able to offer split order functionality through our cloud printers, allowing for multiple printers on different networks to print from a single master terminal. This new feature allows businesses to send food orders to the kitchen and drink orders to the bar, ensuring that each order is sent to the appropriate location and prepared as quickly as possible.

By design, this will make the ordering process more efficient, as orders are sent directly to the kitchen and bar, rather than having to be manually routed by a server or personally split. This will reduce the risk of errors in orders.

"We're delighted to announce split printer functionality with our cloud printers. By allowing our clients to link each cloud printer (through multiple networks if required), and send specific items to each device has been a game changer for their operational processes. We're excited to see the benefits this has on our client's businesses."

Andrew Marshall, Product Owner at Hungrrr

Overall, the addition of split printer functionality to our online ordering system is a significant step forward for our business. It helps to streamline the ordering process, reduce errors, and improve inventory tracking, all of which can help to improve customer satisfaction and drive more sales. We believe that this feature will be a valuable addition to our online ordering system and that it will help us to better serve our customers in the future.


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