6 reasons why your takeaway needs a website and app

6 reasons why your takeaway needs a website and app

The rise of online delivery marketplaces such as JustEat and Deliveroo has left many takeaway owners questioning whether they still need their own website or app. If you run a takeaway and accept orders through delivery marketplaces, you’ll be familiar with high commission rates. It can be disheartening when you see up to 30% of your profits being taken from your revenue! It’s a hefty price to pay. With this in mind, read on to why investing in an online solution is key for your takeaway.

6 reasons why your takeaway needs a website and app

Although platforms such as Just Eat may well drive significant business to your takeaway, we can support you in diverting these customers to your own website and app, so there’s no need to worry. Keep an eye out for some top tips on how to achieve this at the end of the article. 

Now, let’s dive into the 6 reasons why your takeaway needs a website and app.

No commission on orders

If you choose to take the plunge and launch a takeaway website and app that is branded as your business, you won’t pay any commission on orders. That’s right, you keep 100% of your profits. 

At hungrrr, a lot of our clients are takeaway owners and many of them chose to move away from big marketplaces because of that high commission rate. That’s why we love to empower takeaway owners to take their business into their own hands and grow better! 

Increase your profit margins by cutting out the middleman!

Send push notifications

A huge benefit of having your own takeaway website and app is that you own your customer data. This means that every time a new customer orders from your takeaway, their data is stored and available to you. 
Once you have this data, push notifications can be a powerful tool to drive revenue and sales. 
Here are some examples of how your business can benefit from push notifications: 

  • Drive awareness during peak times 
  • Boost sales during quiet periods 
  • Engage existing customers and build your brand experience 
  • Send promotional offers to your customers

Make menu changes at any time

Having control over your menu is a small feature that makes a significant difference. 

At hungrrr, we understand that your menu can change. This is why we have built functionality that allows you to make changes to your menu as and when you want. 

This can be accessed through our back-end dashboard at any time. 

Hosting your menu online can also save your business considerable money on marketing costs as everything will be digital. You will no longer need to print and re-print menus every time you make a change.

Integration with delivery providers

If you’re considering introducing a branded website and app for your takeaway business, you may be asking yourself how you’re going to get delivery drivers in place? 

One of the big benefits of launching your website and app with hungrrr, is that we fully integrate with UberEats and Stuart. 

This means, when you take orders from customers directly, your system will notify the delivery system and either UberEats or Stuart will fulfill the delivery of your order for a small cost. 

Learn more about hungrrr’s integrations here.

Limit orders at peak times

This is a feature that your kitchen staff will thank you for! When your takeaway has its own website and app, you have the ability to limit the number of orders that you can take. 

For example, you can limit orders to only take 2 orders every 10 minutes, or whatever suits your kitchen! 

This is a feature that many of our hungrrr clients benefit from and it will ensure your kitchen staff never get overwhelmed!

Don’t get lost on marketplaces

Did you know that 80% of customers place a delivery order from a platform’s homepage?  

With this in mind, it’s important to not have all of your eggs in one basket. 

For the long-term success of your business, having your own takeaway website and app can provide an additional level of security for your business. Additionally, as you will own your customer’s data, you can send push notifications and email marketing to previous customers to convert them into returning customers. 

This leads us to our tip to leverage marketplaces…

Our tip on how to leverage marketplaces

It’s no secret that JustEat and Deliveroo have the advantage of large userbases. When launching your own takeaway website and app, you don’t have to miss out on this! 

When you have your own website and app ordering solution, you can still take orders from marketplaces. What you can then do is add a sticker to your packaging or add a flyer inside the delivery telling your customers that they can save 10% if they order directly from you! 

Next time, when that customer goes to order from your business, they’ll go direct to you! Saving them money and ensuring you don’t pay any commission on orders!

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