Creating a mobile app for hospitality: hungrrr makes it easy

Creating a mobile app for hospitality: hungrrr makes it easy

Mobile apps can be a powerful tool, particularly for businesses in the hospitality industry! Although there can be significant barriers to entry for businesses wanting to create their own bespoke mobile app, hungrrr makes it easy! Here’s how.

We’ve built our reputation off empowering small and large businesses across the hospitality sector by providing bespoke website and mobile apps without breaking the bank. At hungrrr, our feature-packed technology allows hospitality businesses to grow their sales and provide seamless customer experiences, all for a small monthly cost.

brewdog order to table app

Our software is completely bespoke, which gives us complete control to tailor our technology to our customer’s requirements and brand it as if it was their own!

It’s not enough to rely solely on big marketplaces, as they take a high percentage of each order, which eats into your profits and limits the experience you can provide to your customers. Our incredible team of developers have a common goal of delivering the best technology on the market so our customers can grow their sales. Don’t believe us? Here’s how hungrrr makes it easy for hospitality businesses to have their own bespoke mobile app.


No upfront cost

The primary barrier to entry for hospitality businesses hoping to launch their own mobile app is budget. This is because of the high cost associated with getting a third-party to develop an app without out-of-the-box functionality, which can cost thousands.

With hungrrr, our pricing plans make getting started easy!

You only pay a small monthly plan for app technology which is completely bespoke and branded for your business. Working closely with our team, we’ll scope out your requirements and create a unique app for your customers.

It’s no surprise that thousands of businesses such as Brewdog, Subway and Hilton Hotels have chosen hungrrr. To learn more about how we support both large and small businesses, watch our success stories here.


Tailored apps for each sector

We understand that each sector within the hospitality industry will have their own requirements for their app. That why we have tailored features for each sector.

Common sectors we build apps for are:

Want to learn more about how our mobile apps are built to support sectors? Read our article on 5 hospitality businesses who need a hungrrr mobile app.


Out-of-the-box features

Our out-of-the-box features for mobile apps are available to all of our hospitality customers. This benefits our customers vastly as it eliminates the lengthy process of building an app from scratch.

Providing excellent customer experiences through a bespoke mobile app will grow your business like never before, all for a low-cost monthly plan

Common features include:

  • Order to table
  • Order notifications through email or SIM activated printers
  • Accept online payments (without the commission charge!)
  • Build and access your customer database
  • Technology to support multiple locations
  • All transactions go directly to you
  • Full control of your menu, pricing, offers and orders


Marketing support to boost growth

Part of the hungrrr way is not only to provide you with market-leading technology for your business, but to also support you to maximise the potential of that technology.

That is why, once your business’s new mobile app is live, we work with you to boost your business growth with marketing support and tools.


Dedicated support team

Part of the hungrrr package when you get your bespoke mobile app is that you have your own dedicated support team to help your business thrive.

Launching a mobile app using hungrrr ensures you have the tools needed to build and grow your business by making the customer ordering experience as easy as possible! The support team is here for you every step of the way and will be there to ensure you drive growth through your mobile app.

No question is too small or too big.


Resource hub

Coming very soon, our new resource hub will have all of the information you need to maximise your hungrrr mobile app.

The resource hub will be packaged with videos, guides and hints and tips. Our team are extremely excited to launch the resource hub and we’re confident this will have a huge impact on the growth of our customer’s businesses.

There are many more plans already being hatched amongst out amazing development team for future updates! At hungrrr, innovation never stops!


Getting started with hungrrr

Introduce a bespoke mobile app and website for your business with hungrrr’s feature-rich ordering technology.

We are always happy to hear from businesses. If you wish to contact us for more information on how hungrrr’s technology can help your business, get in touch here.


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