10 ways to enhance hotel guest experience

10 ways to enhance hotel guest experience

Hotels are constantly being confronted with fast-changing consumer tastes and guest behaviours. It is more crucial than ever for hotels to go above and beyond to provide memorable experiences, through professionalism, personal touches and efficient operations. If your hotel succeeds, you will be rewarded with repeat bookings, positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, increasing your revenue in return.

The importance of guest experience is rapidly increasing as expectations rise for unique amenities and fast service. Have you read our article that explores our top 5 features of a hungrrr website and app that exceed guest expectations?

Read on for our ten top tips on how your hotel can outperform the competition and how a mobile app can help hotels enhance guest experience and build customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Cater to their needs

With many people now prioritising their health and wellbeing, eating habits have changed drastically in the past few years. 2021 was a huge year for “Vegan-ism”. The number of non-meat eaters in the U.K predicted to double to 13 million by the end of the year. Hungrrr’s feature-rich technology enables your guests to see allergens and any special dietary options attached to your dishes, protecting you and them.

We’ve also made it simple for guests to leave checkout notes with their order so that they can be as specific as they need. 

Prioritise ease of use

We live in a fast-paced world where everything must be accomplished in a flash. Hungrrr's cutting-edge technology allows customers to re-order past meals with a one click. This allows guests to spend less time ordering and more time relaxing in their hotel. The re-ordering functionality decreases ordering time by over 5 minutes on average*.

Make it special

Many significant occasions are celebrated in hotels, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas parties, and you want your visitors to remember their stay. Hungrrr include a checkout box on websites and apps where guests request certain items in the room or a specific table at the restaurant. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Reservations made simple

We're all aware that the pandemic has resulted in reduced capacity and the need to make reservations ahead of time. Despite the fact that restrictions are relaxing, guests still want to know that they'll have a place to dine and that they'll be comfortable. Your customers may book tables in your restaurant bar, outdoor terrace, spa, and much more, via your hungrrr app.

Did somebody order room service?

As previously stated, we live in a digital era where speed and convenience are paramount. We make it possible for guests to view your digital menu and order room service on their mobile direct to their hotel room. Use every opportunity to show off your exceptional service, whether it's breakfast in bed or extra towels.

Put it on the tab!

Did you know that using hungrrr, guests can request that their money be added to their room tab? This keeps ordering food and beverages simple and fosters confidence between your hotel and its guests. This can significantly free up your staff’s time as it has been estimated that staff spend 2 hours per shift processing payments.

Reception ready

In addition to reducing time for restaurant and bar workers, our Guest Services system can assist your front desk staff. In one click, guests can request amenities such as a WiFi code. Requests will be directed to a staff member's terminal and responded to within minutes.

Reward repeat guests

Customer loyalty is critical to any hotel's success, but in today's competitive industry, it's becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. That is why hoteliers must concentrate on reward progammes that reward repeat customers.

As a top recommendation, mix up your offerings to keep guests engaged. Include instant rewards, such as a free drink at the bar, late check-out, or an automatic hotel upgrade, in addition to free nights. Furthermore, using our coupons functionality on your hungrrr website and app, you can achieve all of this. You can build millions of different voucher combinations to reward guests however you wish.

And our survey says...

Did you know that 94% of travellers want to use their smartphones to seek service and send messages to hotel staff? It’s becoming ever-more popular each year and hotels are expected to keep up.

Mobile app push notifications sent to guests currently in your hotel are useful for providing information on any changes, new information or exciting offers. This is a win-win situation for both guests and hotels, as guests receive a bespoke service while hotels enhance operations, saving resources and cutting expenses.

Create an inclusive and accessible experience for all 

It's essential that hotels consider how their properties are constructed to accommodate people with extra needs. Additionally, it's important to be flexible to changes to operations and customer service methods if you want guests to choose to stay at your hotel vs. your competitors.

Technology plays a critical role in developing a truly inclusive approach that makes hotels accessible to all. Ensure your hotel is accessible for all by considering and maintaining these qualities:

  • Responsive service
  • Effective communication
  • Personalised offerings
  • Standardised content and services

Customer experience matters more than ever before. Technology is now a key component in delivering a customer service strategy that works — and hungrrr can keep you ahead of the competition.

Learn more about hungrrr

Hungrrr take pride on providing feature-rich ordering website and mobile apps to hotels that maximise revenue, support staff and increase guest satisfaction. If you are interested in speaking to our team, get in touch here.


*Average basket waiting time before purchasing - Feb 2022

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