Six ways to enhance hotel guest experience

Six ways to enhance hotel guest experience

28th October 2022

Hotels are constantly being confronted with fast-changing consumer tastes and guest behaviours. Modern solutions to enhance hotel guest experience is a must for any hotel that wants to their guests to return time and time again.

Technology has become an integral part of hotel operations and if used effectively, can be enhance guest experience. Here are ten ways new tech can help you improve the overall experience for guests by making their stay more enjoyable and convenient.

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Make booking a reservation easy

Don’t make guests have to walk to reception, or pick up the phone to book a table for the restaurant. Using a table booking system reduces the amount of friction for making a reservation and as a result, will increase the number of guests booking for a meal.

This process can be replicated throughout others areas of your hotel. For example, if you offer massages or rounds of golf.

Adding a welcome message to TVs

This is a small feature, that can go a long way. As you know, it’s important to make a good first impression, and that is no different when your guest walks into their room.

Many may believe that personalised welcome messages on TVs is reserved for upper-market hotels, but this is not the case. It is a relatively small task for a member of staff to do this, and it can make a big difference to your guests experience.

If you’re unsure on where to get started with TV systems, our friends at Monscierge will be able to help.

Embrace mobile apps

Allow guests to order food and drink to their room through your own branded hotel app. This frictionless ordering method will provide guests with an interactive experience, as a result, increasing average spend per room.

Easily direct guest to downloading and using your app by placing QR codes in each room, and sign post them to your app throughout main areas of your hotel.

Getting a branded app for your hotel doesn’t need to be expensive or take a lot of time. With Hungrrr’s online ordering system, you can have a branded app and website, for the cost of a low monthly fee.

Learn more about our apps for hotels here.

Guest service on an app

In addition to giving your guests the ability to order room service, you can also allow them to order guest services on your hotel app. Include guest services requests such as:

  • New towels
  • Shampoo/shower gel
  • Extra tea, milk etc.
  • Report a fault
  • Copy of their bill

Top tip: In addition to using your app for guest service, you can also use it for areas of your business such as meetings and functions, and event tickets. Having all of these options in one central place will make them more visible and accessible for your guests.

To learn more about how our apps can benefit your hotel, you may be interested in reading our top five features of a Hungrrr hotel app and website.

Create an inclusive and accessible experience

It's essential that hotels consider how their properties are constructed to accommodate people with extra needs. Additionally, it's important to be flexible to changes to operations and customer service methods if you want guests to choose to stay at your hotel vs. your competitors.

Technology plays a critical role in developing a truly inclusive approach that makes hotels accessible to all. Ensure your hotel is accessible for all by considering and maintaining these qualities:

  • Responsive service
  • Effective communication
  • Personalised offerings
  • Standardised content and services

Customer experience matters more than ever before. Technology is now a key component in delivering a customer service strategy that works.


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